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on Wednesday, January 11 2017
Ceiling Cleaning in Nevada for Restaurants that need the best Ceiling Cleaning System for Restoring Acoustical Ceilings
on Tuesday, August 18 2015
Do you need Ceiling Cleaning Services in Nevada and the Las Vegas area for your Restaurant? THEN LOOK NO FURTHER! ROBINSONS CEILING CLEANING SERVICES is the ANSWER We can restore your acoustical ceilings, walls, lights and more to look like new using our exclusive ceiling cleaning systems and pro …
Robinsons Ceiling Cleaning Restores Your Acoustical Ceiling
on Monday, October 27 2014
Robinsons Ceiling Cleaning restores all types of acoustical ceilings. We do a complete restoration on acoustical ceilings  making the ceiling back to like new condition,by removing dirt,nicotine,grease and mold fron the entire ceiling including ceiling tiles,grid system,air diffusers and light …
Painting Your Kitchen Ceiling Tiles
on Saturday, October 18 2014
Painting your Kitchen Ceiling Tiles: Painting your kitchen tiles presents a number of problems.The most important of these is it reduces the fire rating of the ceiling. The fire rating becomes the rating of the paint. As a result the ceiling will yellow quicker, especially to the areas that are exp …
Robinsons Ceiling Cleaning Van Design
on Sunday, June 29 2014
Robinsons Ceiling Cleaning New Van Design for 2014 Robinsons Ceiling Cleaning would like to thank Scott Caruso (Caruso Care) and Cross Media Pros. For the great design on our new van. We would also like to thank Warrior wraps for doing such a great job on applying the graphics.

Wall Cleaning

Ceiling Cleaning Services in Las Vegas, Nevada Open Structure Cleaning Services in Las Vegas, Nevada Wall Cleaning Services in Las Vegas, Nevada Lighting Services in Las Vegas, Nevada Specialty Cleaning Services in Las Vegas, Nevada
By using our exclusive ceiling and wall cleaning products we are able to remove and eliminate nicotine, dirt, grease, dust mites, smells and odor and soot from all types of wall coverings.

Wall cleaning is accomplished with an experienced, measured approach, consistent with particular environmental needs.

Wall Cleaning Services in Pittsburgh, PA


Wall cleaning services are available for: restrooms, food storage and food preparation areas, retail areas and employee office work areas, and cleaning for particularly delicate or exotic fabrics and wall coverings.



Tell us about your Acoustical Ceiling Cleaning Project or Wall Cleaning Project in Nevada

We clean many different types of walls including:

  • FRP Panels
  • Ceramic Tile
  • Block
  • Brick
  • Stone

While we understand some owners and managers think that their people should clean the walls, it is impossible to clean the walls nearly as well as we can because it requires your employees to reach up high, and to the top of the ceilings, many fail in this task because the cleaners they use are just not very effective and more importantly is it a risk that you take by having employees get up on ladders to do so, which is very dangerous and could cost you far more in medical expenses if they fall, versus what it cost to have the professionals handle the cleaning of the walls while they are cleaning your ceilings.  Many of our clients choose the safe and more productive way by having the Ceiling and Wall Cleaning Professionals at Robinsons Ceiling Cleaning handle this task.

Check out our Results we get cleaning your walls
by using our Products and Systems.

Wall Cleaning Services in Las Vegas, Nevada serving the entire State of NevadaWe clean FRP Walls to look like new, view the photo by clicking to enlarge, notice how much grease and grime has adhered to the wall from the cooking ovens in this location.  By using our Ceiling and Wall Cleaning Solution we are able to make your walls look like new.


Wall Cleaning Services in Las Vegas, NevadaBy using our Wall Cleaning Services you will not only have clean walls where you can visually see them but they will be clean behind the equipment as well. No matter how bad you walls are we can get them clean by using our professional wall cleaning solution.


Wall Cleaning Services in Las Vegas, NevadaCall us today so that we can show you how our wall cleaning process can help you or click on the link "Tell Us about your Project" link.  Kitchen and Food Prep area's starts with clean walls and ceilings.  Get started on our Ceiling & Wall Maintenance Program Now.


Don't paint your Ceilings, Clean it

Making the Right Choice for Customers is easy



Save the money and environment by recycling-in-place your acoustical ceilings.

Our customers have saved MILLIONS of dollars over the cost of total ceiling
replacement and the needless disposal of acoustical ceiling tiles in our landfills.


Robinson's Ceiling Cleaning
A full service company that offers
Environmentally Sound Solutions
to Restoring your Acoustical Ceiling,
Walls, Lights and More.


Robinson's Ceiling Cleaning Inc., Ceiling Cleaning, Las Vegas, NV Our Services are Ideal for...

Bars & Taverns
Social Halls & Clubs
Night Clubs
VFWs & American Legions
Elks & Moose Clubs
Private Clubs
Private Residences
Nursing Homes
Hotels and Motels
Manufacturing Plants

Athletic Clubs
Health & Fitness Centers
Universities & Colleges
Convenience Stores
Grocery Stores
Pizza Shops
Bowling Alleys
Department Stores
Shopping Malls
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Office Buildings
Industrial Facilities

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